I’m Miss July over at Sup69.com!

Hers my interview from Sup69.com as their Porn Star of the Month!

heres the original link http://www.sup69.com/interview-with-melina-mason/



Melina Mason is a New York native who says becoming a porn star plays both on her strengths and weaknesses: Her strengths are being naturally pretty, her weaknesses being a lack of shame and a sex drives “that always gets me in trouble.” Following the advice of some of her high school teachers, she decided the adult industry was for her.

Almost lost to marriage and suburban anonymity, she got out of her impending wedding she called it off, left school and decided to try porn. She started off doing only lesbian scenes, but has since starting with men and has relocated to Los Angeles in an effort to take her career to the next level.
 Today she is one of the great rising starlets in the adult industry and is showing great restraint as she increases her filth factor in front of the camera. She also does cam work when she isn’t performing on set.

How do you feel about the current state of the industry?

As far as safety goes, we’re doing great. TTS is now testing for syphilis on their basic panel which I’m sure everyone’s pleased about. As far as production goes its slowing down due to uncontrollable factors like piracy. I’m not too concerned about it because no matter what sex sells. The industry will always be alive one way or another. 

Are you worried about the potential risks of STD’s?

Yes of course, those things are pesky. I take every measure I possibly can to be safe. I only have unprotected sex with industry people, civilians need to wrap it up.

What do you hope to accomplish with your time in the industry?

I want to do it all. My agent refers to me as a “racehorse” because I’m so anxious to make my mark. My current goals are to be nominated for best new starlet at AVN this year, become a Penthouse Pet and start directing.

Where do you see yourself and the industry in the next 5 years? 10 years?

In the next 5 years I’ll hopefully be still performing and be directing. In 10 years I don’t know what’s in store for me professionally. I want to stay in the game as long as possible though.

When did you lose your virginity? Care to share the story and what happen?

I took my own virginity when I was in junior high school. The boys would talk about taking a girls virginity like it was some game and that if they took her virginity they had some sort of power over her. That bothered me, so I set out to pop my own cherry. I did it in the shower with the handle of a hairbrush. I just fucked myself until I saw blood. The first time I actually had sex, it was in the hallway at school. I just picked a guy and asked if he wanted to fuck. He agreed and had no idea it was my first time. I felt accomplished after that, the burden of my virginity had finally been relinquished.

What was your favorite on screen moment so far?

There was a scene I did for Livegonzo where I squirted for the first time. I was so surprised and excited because I didn’t know my body could do that! I squirted at least 4 times in that scene.

How did you enjoy your first anal scene? Was that your first time doing anal? Or just first time on screen?

I’ve been having anal sex since I was 15 so my first time on camera was no big deal. Those who have seen that scene are lead to believe otherwise because I was told to act like I was in pain. Truth is, I enjoyed it and this is why I have gone on to shoot more anal scenes.

Do you recall your first anal experience?

Yup. I was so nervous. My boyfriend at the time had been asking for it for a while. So I decided to try it. I tried to prep for it but I didn’t know what I was doing and it ended being a very painful experience. Now I would never let an inexperienced guy have anal sex with me.

Do you have a favorite 4th of July memory? Any crazy sex and non sex story you care to share about the 4th?

Na the 4th has always been uneventful for me. Each year I keep it low key with fireworks and booze. This year I will try and have some crazy sex and update you with it. Maybe I’ll launch a firecracker out of my pussy and who ever it lands on I’ll have sex with..

What has been the craziest thing to happen to you on set so far?

Hmmm one time after I finished a girl girl scene, a male talent came charging at me naked and tried to fuck me. It was weird and I was like, no.

Do you prefer having sex with industry or non industry folks?

I prefer having sex with industry people for two reasons. One it’s safer and two I’d rather fuck someone who is a professional at sex.

What are your turn ons and turn offs?

I like biting, hitting, giving blowjobs, choking. I like it rough but only when the guy knows what he’s doing. I like romantic things too, like kissing. Kissing turns me on a lot. Turn offs would be body odor, and when guys wink at me excessively. It’s creepy, like a spasm or something.

Are you more likely to initiate the first move or do you like to wait for the guy?

I tend to make the first move. Sometimes I’ll let a guy come to me but it’s just easier to go for it on my end. I don’t like to waste time.

Explain to us your ideal first date?

Hmm. I suppose I’d like to be taken somewhere quiet so I can have a conversation with the person. I can’t get serious about a man unless they are intelligent, so I like to basically interview him first. Then after that I’ll fuck him.

What is your favorite sex position?

Missionary. It’s easier for me to orgasm in that position and I like to be able to kiss and make eye contact. I consider it the most intimate position.

What is your preferred alcoholic beverage?

Gin and tonic with Bombay Sapphire and a wedge of lime.

Tell us something about yourself that no one else really knows and you wouldn’t mind sharing?

I left my fiancé to do porn.

There it is folks! If you wanna find more info on Melina Mason follow her on Twitter


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