5 Things Not To Do During Sensual Massage

Most of the time, sensual massage is done by female therapists and male clients. However, it is not always the case even if it is the most common situations. The sensual massage is also called FBSM or Full Body Sensual massage. It is a term used to define the type of the bodywork in which the client will be nude while the provider may be fully nude or partially nude.

The sensual massage is the hands only service and it includes the release of the client. Some providers can offer some sexual based services and some can offer dominatrix and fetish services.

The sensual massage is the service which is done with the purpose of releasing from the client part. This is type of the massage which some states have declared illegal. Extra is any other service offered during the FBSM and it involves something else besides the hands of the provider.

1. Don’t be late

You should always be on time for any appointment you may be having regardless if it is professional or personal. Even if it can take your personal time, it is the business of the provider. You have to respect the work of the therapist. If you find yourself in the traffic, then call her to let her know that you are running late. This is to show that you are genuine and you know what to do. If it is the first time you are getting the massage, then you have to be calm. If you are too nervous, you should talk about your surrounding and try to relax.

2. You are not running the show and she is not a prostitute

This is a mistake that some of the clients may make. You are in his place and she is doing a business. The sensual massage is not interactive session, she is the one to offer the service and you have to respect her. Even is sensual experience may involve some nudity and touching of the private parts, you should not expect any sexual favor other than using her hands to elevate you sexually, energetically and physically.

3. Don’t be silent but don’t touch if you have no permission

You should offer some feedback to the therapist about how she is doing and give the direction of what you may want more. Before the procedure, you should let the therapist know that you are suffering any injury or if you have a sore area so that she can pay attention or she can avoid that part. As far as it is better to appreciate what it is going on, you should never touch without being given the permission. As far as you deal with a qualified therapist, she will be having boundaries so you should not just kiss her or touch her.

4. Don’t ask personal information

If she wants to break ice, she can talk about the work or the places, but as a client, you should not ask what it is her sexual preferences and personal life.

5. Don’t think about your work

Keep the phone off and enjoy the time without thinking about anything else.