Are There Any Difference Between Normal And Erotic Massages?

You will find different types of the massage at the market. If you attend the massage school, you will learn the types that are more practiced such as deep tissue massage Nuru massage. However, these massages have also different modalities used. You will find some special massages which had become popular in these past years and they are based on standard and traditional technique but they have modification which makes them to be unique at a certain level.

Normal massage

This is the standard and normal massage and it is the most basic form of the massage therapy. The massage therapist will use his feet, fingers and hands in order to perform this massage. Normally, Swedish massage is known as one of the common type of the massage which can be given to the clients and it is called traditional massage.

Even if there are different types of the massage at the market, many people will choose to get normal massage and not other massage. The normal massage is known as the easiest type of the massage and any massage therapist may perform it. Up to 90 percent of other massage techniques, resulted from the normal massage.

Erotic massage

Erotic massage is a controversial massage and it has been developed in the past few decades. It is known as most sexual massage type of all other available types. With the massage, the attendant and therapist will focus more on erogenous zone of a client and the object is arousing her or him.

The sexuality level of erotic massage is among the reason why the massage was not received well by everyone. It is now that people are starting to learn that the message offers more than sexual aspect.

The clients of the erotic massage will depend on where you are and how you are doing your marketing. However, it is hard to tell people about what it is done during the massage. If you have some inhibitions towards performing the erotic massage, then it will be better if you focus more on other available types of the massage.

Among different types of the erotic massage is the lingam massage and it uses techniques, which came from Kamastura. Another common massage is a Nuru massage and it does not have the relation to the normal massage. It is done between body to body and nude masseuse and the receiver should be covered by the slippery nuru gel. A gel is slick in its nature and the massage uses special technique for it alone. The massage works only on the pleasurable eroticism and the masseuse will get sliding the body against the client in a frictionless manner.

The masseuses are being trained in the usual and erotic massage in order to offer the services needed whenever a client wants to. The service can be offered for both outcall and in call services, but they are common with outcall massage. Different types of the erotic massage include Royal 4 hands, Body to body, Nuru and Tantra.