Part 2 of My Whack! Mag Interview

MELINA MASON Part 2 — “Thank you for getting to know the person behind the body!”

July 17th, 2012 by Rick Amortis

This is Part Two of a two-part sinterview. All the salacious stuff in Part One can be found HERE.


W! What are dating and relationships like for a XXX starlet?

MM For me? I mean, I’ve dated in the industry. I’ve dated out of the industry. I think you really just need to be with someone who is confident and secure with themselves. At the end of the day it’s work. I wouldn’t be there fucking in front of a crowd of people if there wasn’t a paycheck involved. That’s how I make my living. So if you can find someone that understands that sex is sex and love is love, then… Well, it’s much easier said than done.

W! That’s true, that’s true. We touched upon this just a little bit briefly, earlier, but what are some of the common misconceptions about the business that drive you craziest?

MM Let’s see, well a lot of people hear what you do and they just automatically assume that you’re going to fuck them. When I’m on an airplane or something they’re like, “Hey aren’t you… that porn girl?” And if I say yes then they say like, “Hey, what’s up?” and immediately think that just because I do porn my standards have lowered like seven hundred percent. So that’s super annoying. I’m a human being. I have standards. I have preferences. Not everyone I’m going to meet, I’m going to fuck.

Even people in the industry… You know I have male performers that are friends. We’ll go out to dinner and people will say things like, “Oh my God, they’re fucking!” I’m like, “No we’re not. We’re just having dinner.” I get a lot of that.

Another thing… I think a lot of people think that we’re like millionaires. We’re not. We make a thousand dollars a scene, sure. That’s great if you’re shooting seven days a week. Most of us are shooting two to five times a week. It’s still great money. It’s better than what I could do with a college degree, I think. [But] you have to work at it. You have to save your money. You have to really focus on where you invest it, not just on private jets and all that. It’d be nice if it were the nineties or something. It’s just not like that.

W! Is there anything about the business that you would change?

MM I’m sure there are plenty of things. laughing As a whole I love the porn industry, I think it’s great. I have my own ideas that I’d like to introduce into the business. I think there should be some sort of outreach program that is for performers. A lot of performers may use drugs. A lot of girls that come in new to the industry may have no direction. So I think it would be cool if there was some sort of outreach program where people could go. Maybe a group therapy kind of thing? Just somewhere to go where people can go into a forum and communicate sex advice, help if they need it, feel secure. I mean we’re not (quote, unquote) normal people. It would be nice to be with like minds in a safe environment. I just don’t think that there’s anything out there like that.

W! Kind of like a XXX social worker?

MM Yeah, I guess so. Yeah, for sure. Many, many people could benefit from it. Confidentiality, a former person in the industry could give advice or know that you’re secure. You know how much people like to gossip so… I wouldn’t feel comfortable telling my personal business to someone, and then someone [might] walk up to me on set the next day, “Oh god, Melina Mason, did you hear about her? Girl’s got problems…”

So it’d have to be some sort of confidentiality thing. I think it’d be good. Girls come to me all the time, asking me for help and advice. I don’t know what to tell you. […] I’m not a professional advice giver. I just know how to have sex. I try to help. I mean I try to help everybody. I just think I’d be cool if there was a place, a designated place for people to get help if they needed it.

W! That’s cool. How does Melina Mason like to spend her free time? How do you like to unwind?

MM My free time is really almost non-existent. I don’t have a lot of it. In my free time I’m usually just doing maintenance on myself like getting my nails fixed or tanning or getting my hair touched up or whatever. I have a boyfriend, so I try and spend time with him at least once or twice a week. I like to sleep. Sleep is cool. I like to watch movies, but that’s about it really. I don’t have a whole lot of time for anything else but working, which is good but I really don’t have a whole lot of free time. I like classic movies. Scarface is one of my favorites. CasinoGoodfellas, stuff like that. I don’t see a lot of new movies that come out. I just feel that a lot of them are crappy.

W! Everything is so saturated with remakes and sequels and…

MM Right, right everything is just a remake of something else. I just go to the originals.

W! So what do you think of all the porn parodies of everything being made today?

MM I think parodies are super fun to make. As far as a consumer I don’t think I’d ever seek out parody porn. I wouldn’t be like I loved that movie in the theater and now they have a porno version. I’m going to buy this to masturbate to it.

I think my sexual fantasies line up more with reality. But obviously they’re huge, they’re selling like crazy. Obviously there’s a market for it. Hope to ride that one out for as long as it lasts.

W! How does a performer stay fresh and innovative in a borderline saturated industry?

MM Oh God, I think that’s a question we’re all asking ourselves. You see one girl that has a particular look and in a couple years she’ll get a boob job. They’ll turn into a brunette when they were a blonde their whole career. They’ll start doing things they’ve never done on camera before. They’ll start doing fetish scenes or they’ll start doing anal scenes. Keep up with it is really hard. There has to be over a 1,000 performers just in Porn Valley, all competing for the same jobs. It’s hard to stand out.

I have a formula for keeping relevant, but I’m not willing to share that.

W! Well… Your secret’s safe then.

MM It’s my secret. You can’t have it.

W! So what’s on the horizon for Melina Mason in the balance of 2012? Is there any special message you’d like to convey to your fans?

MM On the horizon I have a bunch of stuff. I shot a couple of features. So those will be coming out. I have a scene or two a week being released, so look for some stuff from major companies. I’ll be in Chicago in July for Exxxotica. I’m really hoping to get nominated for an AVN this year. I’m working so hard for it. So I hope that’s going to happen.

For my fans? I just wanted to say thank you. It’s easy to watch a film and a girl and say, “That’s a girl getting fucked.” If you take the time to read an interview about her, that’s special to me. So thank you for getting to know the person behind the body.

When someone reaches out and says, “Oh I read this about you,” that touches me. It’s special. So thanks, guys, for caring.

W! Do you have a Twitter or an email or what is the best way admirers can reach you?

MM Definitely Twitter. I’m a Twitter addict. If I can’t sleep at night I’m just be checking my feed. My Twitter name is @Melina_Mason.

And I don’t have a Facebook. All those ones are fake.

W! That’s another frustrating thing about the industry, but another story unto itself.

MM Yeah, I just don’t know why people do that.

W! Pathetic, actually.

MM Well, that’s the internet, brings out the best in us.

W! It’s been a pleasure. You’re really down to earth and easy to talk to. All the best in the future, too.

MM Thank you.

—Sinterview conducted with signature sleaze by the oh-so-stiff Rick Amortis.

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