Things To Keep In Mind During An Erotic Massage

Erotic massage is also called the sensual massage or the tantric massage for the people who want to explore the eastern origins of this art. It is the art form and it is also a physical therapy which involves someone who is naked and another person in order to enhance and to achieve sexual arousal.

This is used like a sexual therapy for someone so that he can stimulate libido. There are different technique used in many cultures and it improves sexual relationship with personal happiness.

Most people are already aware of how traditional method like deep tissue massage, lomi-lomi massage, Hawaiian or Thai massage will help in improving the mental and physical health of the person who is getting it. Sensual or erotic massage will focus more on many erogenous zones for the body and it helps to boost the sexual arousal found between the clients and the masseuse.

Getting the massage is the fantastic way that you can reconnect to the natural self with the lover, to learn about shedding the inhibition and to embrace the naked body with appreciation and love. The areas that the Orlando erotic massage expert will target are the genetalia, pubis, breasts and other areas that can be stimulated to bring about the enjoyment and stimulation.

When you start to get the erotic massage, you should be aware of the lifestyle and health benefits of the massage and how to get the best from it.

1. Let it go of your inhibition

If you have not got erotic massage before, then you may be having problems with the nudity. However, being self conscious and shy will not help you to achieve the results you want from the massage. The sensual massage will teach you on how you can let go of the inhibition and to appreciate your body as a wonderful and powerful instrument that offers you enjoyment and pleasure. You should not be ashamed to be naked since everyone was born naked and everyone is not a beautiful or young model.

2. Sensual massage to improve your joint and muscle health

When you get the massage from a skilled and a good massage, it will help you to get rid of the aching muscle or overworked joints. The massage helps to get rid of the pressure from the lymphatic nodes, tendons, joints, ligaments and connecting tissues.

The erotic massage, it will stimulate the circulation, it relaxes the muscles as it happens with the normal massage.

3. Prostate and perineal massage will improve the erection

Women are well aware that having perineal massage will improve with pelvic pain, it improves the blood flow and it eases the childbirth. It has been found out that massage at the perineum, can stimulate the blood flow at the genitals and it helps in strengthening the erectile tissue while it relieves the dysfunction and prostate pain.

Another type of massage that helps men is the prostate massage. This can be controversial with men since some men consider it as internal examination done by the doctor.

What Makes Erotic Massage In Philadelphia The Best?

Most of the massage parlors are being run by women who act as their boss so it is good to know if you can charm them so that you can get the best service. The girls who give the massage, they ensure that the customer is satisfied so that he may come back. You will be given a girl that matches your needs and she will make sure that the two of you are on the same page.

When you enter into the parlor, you should be aware of how long you would like to stay

30 minutes: when you decide on this time, then you will only get in and get off and these are the men known as lunchbreak launchers. This is the right time to choose if you will want to finish faster and you do not worry about getting the massage. However, with this time, you will miss the massage which is an integral part of the entire process. However, you can also choose this time if you wish to see if the girl will offer you the right massage if she fails, you can go or if she is good, you can extend.

• 60 minutes

This is the standard time. You will be given an arousing and relaxing massage with enough time towards the end of the session and you may get some of the extra services.

• 2 hours

This is the time to pay for if you wish to enjoy everything erotic massage has to offer. You can book this time, if you already have experience with the girl and you are sure that you will get the best service. You should not book for it, if you have not tried the girl before.

If you want to find the best massage in the city of Philadelphia, then it is good if you learn how to get and how to enjoy these services. You should know some important things if you want to enjoy the services at the maximum.

You should be nice towards the girl that gives you the massage and treat her as if she is a respectable person. This is because she is the one who can make you happy or not. If you are rude or if you show up while stinking, then she will not like you so, she may decide not to give the happy ending.

You have better chance if you are groomed well and you are a nice guy. She will be happy to get the extra coin from you.

If it is the first visit, then you have to be discrete and you should not enter into the place and start to ask about the services at once. If you go asking about the services, then the service provider can think that you are a police officer. Just wait until you are in a room before you ask about this service. You should not start to grope a girl to touch her if she did not say that this is ok. The girls may work as prostitutes sometime, but they are not prostitutes fully.

Health benefits of erotic massage in Reno

When we talk about pleasures, then erotic massage is definitely on the list, but do you know that erotic massage is quite useful for your health and it can do wonders to your body. Yeah, its true that physical satisfaction is a part of this massage, but your body earns a lot of benefits through this. So, today we decided to write a post about how erotic massage can help your body in various ways, make sure to keep on reading till the end.

  • It makes you stay away from stress and anxiety – Nowadays men suffer from lots of anxiety and stress and these two factors are really bad for their health. But if you are opting for erotic massage then you can actually stay away from all your stress. There are lots of problem that come in life and its quite hard to face all of them all by yourself. Hence you should always opt for erotic massage sessions in Reno whenever you get the time.
  • Its good for muscle and joint pain – Apart from relieving stress and anxiety, massage is quite good for muscle relaxation and joint pain. If you are with an expert masseur then they can take care of our muscle pain. They will emphasize on those parts that needs more attention. This is why its always good thing to opt for such massage services. But always make sure that you are hiring only an expert masseur.
  • Its good for your heart – Now many people know this, but erotic massage can actually lower your blood pressure which ensures that your heart is safe and you can easily relax too. High blood pressure is something that is main reason for many heart diseases and it can also led to heart attack. Men often opt for this particular massage because doctors prescribe it. So, if you are suffering from high blood pressure, then opt for this erotic massage, and you are going to enjoy this a lot.
  • It improves your immunity – There are lots of medications for improving immunity but they are just chemicals trying to make your body strong. So, in order to avoid those medications you can simply try erotic massage which is known to be the best immunity booster. It will make sure that you are enjoying a nice time with a sexy lady while your body is getting the best treatment ever. Always hire erotic masseurs who are professionally trained and who knows how to treat their clients.

So, these are some of the best health benefits of erotic massage and if you have never experienced it, then make sure that you are trying it at least once in your life, because there is nothing more pleasurable than this. Moreover, you will definitely be getting lots of pleasures when a sexy lady will rub their sexy hands on your body and that too at different places. The overall experience makes this erotic massage the best and men simply come back to experience it.

Learn the secrets of providing great erotic massage to men

If you are working as an escort and want to learn the skills of erotic massage then today we are going to share the secrets of erotic massage. In this post, we have provided all the details that makes a simply massage the greatest in the world. So keep on reading if you really want to excel this art form.

  • Set the mood right – One of the most important things to remember about erotic massage is the ambience. To create a good ambience you need some dim lights as they work out perfectly, and you need some good music too. Now, when you are choosing a music, make sure that you are not using something loud, but only use soft instrumental music like Jazz. Turn the volume down to minimum so it won’t sound too disturbing. Apart from these, you should light up some scented candles to make sure that the room smells right and good. All these things makes the entire room erotic and it helps in setting the mood right.
  • Tools you need to use – First of all you need really good quality oils that you can use on your clients. There are various kinds of good oils available in market, like rosewood oil, sandal wood oil etc. These oils are perfectly slippery and it is damn good for the skin too. You can use these oils to make your client’s body damn slippery to make sure that body-to-body massage is doable. After that you need a nice and long towel to ensure that none of the oil slips down to the bed, because nobody wants to see messier massage. So always roll the towel on top of the bed before you bring in the client.
  • Technique used – If you are new to this, then take some oil on your hand and start with lower back massaging. Try to find out tense muscles that seems to be there. Rub it with your fingers and thumb till it softens up a bit. These tense muscles are due to stress and massaging it will make your client feel really amazing. Then slowly work your way towards more intimate regions where pleasure senses are located and make sure to start slowly. After enough tension is built up, you can increase the speed of strokes to make sure that your client reaches the peak of pleasure just before meeting the happy ending.

Apart from aforementioned points, one should understand that erotic massage is not all about pleasuring but its more about making a man feel relaxed and improve his health. There are lots of health benefits of erotic massage, and pleasure is a just a part that comes along with massaging. You should know that this art form started hundreds of years ago in China and India, and since then it had moved to other western parts, and if you learn it properly then clients are going to fall in love with your techniques.

5 Things Not To Do During Sensual Massage

Most of the time, sensual massage is done by female therapists and male clients. However, it is not always the case even if it is the most common situations. The sensual massage is also called FBSM or Full Body Sensual massage. It is a term used to define the type of the bodywork in which the client will be nude while the provider may be fully nude or partially nude.

The sensual massage is the hands only service and it includes the release of the client. Some providers can offer some sexual based services and some can offer dominatrix and fetish services.

The sensual massage is the service which is done with the purpose of releasing from the client part. This is type of the massage which some states have declared illegal. Extra is any other service offered during the FBSM and it involves something else besides the hands of the provider.

1. Don’t be late

You should always be on time for any appointment you may be having regardless if it is professional or personal. Even if it can take your personal time, it is the business of the provider. You have to respect the work of the therapist. If you find yourself in the traffic, then call her to let her know that you are running late. This is to show that you are genuine and you know what to do. If it is the first time you are getting the massage, then you have to be calm. If you are too nervous, you should talk about your surrounding and try to relax.

2. You are not running the show and she is not a prostitute

This is a mistake that some of the clients may make. You are in his place and she is doing a business. The sensual massage is not interactive session, she is the one to offer the service and you have to respect her. Even is sensual experience may involve some nudity and touching of the private parts, you should not expect any sexual favor other than using her hands to elevate you sexually, energetically and physically.

3. Don’t be silent but don’t touch if you have no permission

You should offer some feedback to the therapist about how she is doing and give the direction of what you may want more. Before the procedure, you should let the therapist know that you are suffering any injury or if you have a sore area so that she can pay attention or she can avoid that part. As far as it is better to appreciate what it is going on, you should never touch without being given the permission. As far as you deal with a qualified therapist, she will be having boundaries so you should not just kiss her or touch her.

4. Don’t ask personal information

If she wants to break ice, she can talk about the work or the places, but as a client, you should not ask what it is her sexual preferences and personal life.

5. Don’t think about your work

Keep the phone off and enjoy the time without thinking about anything else.

What Is The Risk Of Erotic Massage?

The erotic massage maybe used when someone wants to improve intimacy during the relationship. The erotic massage is capable of the sexual arousal; however, when it is done in the right way; it will offer the benefits that are found with the regular massage like improved blood flow, stress relief and muscle relaxation. You should keep in mind that this procedure should be done between adults’ couples who have concerted to it and it is not common with a professional massage therapist. Professional massage therapist uses certified therapeutic techniques and not the sensual ones. Before you get this type of massage, you have to understand some of the health risks that will come with it.

1. Contagious disease

Among first health risk of the sensual massage is contagious diseases. When the partner or the therapist suffers skin condition like fungal infection, hand, foot with mouth disease, scabies and ringworm, it may be spread to the other person. When the erotic massage leads to sexual, vaginal and oral intercourse, the two people involved will be exposed to hepatitis, HIV or AIDs and herpes.

2. Inflammatory condition

A sensual massage to a person who suffers some problems like arthritis, inflammatory condition and bursitis, it can make such condition to become worse. However, a therapeutic massage can be done to ease the condition but not a sensual one. The therapist should also be done by a therapist who has been certified

3. Varicose veins

The vein is another condition which a person who is suffering from it should not get an erotic massage. The varicose veins are bulging and large veins that appear on the skin and they show the malfunctions of the valves found inside the veins. Using a direct massage can lead to more damage and it will be painful to the person who is getting the massage.

4. Blood clots

When a person has a history of the blood clots and it had happened on the area that was treated, it is good to avoid an erotic session with that person. Massaging the person who is suffering blood clotting, it can dislodge the clot. The dislodged clot will travel to reach smaller blood vessels of the brain or the heart, and it may cause to stroke or to heart attack.

5. Massage oils

Using of massage oil with erotic massage, it may cause to some health issue and this will depend on the sensitivity of the partner, the type of the massage oils which may lead to allergic reaction or irritation on the skin. Some oils should not be used on sensitive issues like genital places.

If you got the massage but the attendant was dressed, you will not be at risk of getting HIV even if she may have touched you in your private parts. Erotic massage cannot pose any risk if there had been no exchange of the bodily fluids. By touching the penis or gluteal region, it will not pose any risk. There is also no need to worry about the transmission from a towel or hands since HIV virus cannot survive outside of a human body for long.

Are There Any Difference Between Normal And Erotic Massages?

You will find different types of the massage at the market. If you attend the massage school, you will learn the types that are more practiced such as deep tissue massage Nuru massage. However, these massages have also different modalities used. You will find some special massages which had become popular in these past years and they are based on standard and traditional technique but they have modification which makes them to be unique at a certain level.

Normal massage

This is the standard and normal massage and it is the most basic form of the massage therapy. The massage therapist will use his feet, fingers and hands in order to perform this massage. Normally, Swedish massage is known as one of the common type of the massage which can be given to the clients and it is called traditional massage.

Even if there are different types of the massage at the market, many people will choose to get normal massage and not other massage. The normal massage is known as the easiest type of the massage and any massage therapist may perform it. Up to 90 percent of other massage techniques, resulted from the normal massage.

Erotic massage

Erotic massage is a controversial massage and it has been developed in the past few decades. It is known as most sexual massage type of all other available types. With the massage, the attendant and therapist will focus more on erogenous zone of a client and the object is arousing her or him.

The sexuality level of erotic massage is among the reason why the massage was not received well by everyone. It is now that people are starting to learn that the message offers more than sexual aspect.

The clients of the erotic massage will depend on where you are and how you are doing your marketing. However, it is hard to tell people about what it is done during the massage. If you have some inhibitions towards performing the erotic massage, then it will be better if you focus more on other available types of the massage.

Among different types of the erotic massage is the lingam massage and it uses techniques, which came from Kamastura. Another common massage is a Nuru massage and it does not have the relation to the normal massage. It is done between body to body and nude masseuse and the receiver should be covered by the slippery nuru gel. A gel is slick in its nature and the massage uses special technique for it alone. The massage works only on the pleasurable eroticism and the masseuse will get sliding the body against the client in a frictionless manner.

The masseuses are being trained in the usual and erotic massage in order to offer the services needed whenever a client wants to. The service can be offered for both outcall and in call services, but they are common with outcall massage. Different types of the erotic massage include Royal 4 hands, Body to body, Nuru and Tantra.