Learn the secrets of providing great erotic massage to men

If you are working as an escort and want to learn the skills of erotic massage then today we are going to share the secrets of erotic massage. In this post, we have provided all the details that makes a simply massage the greatest in the world. So keep on reading if you really want to excel this art form.

  • Set the mood right – One of the most important things to remember about erotic massage is the ambience. To create a good ambience you need some dim lights as they work out perfectly, and you need some good music too. Now, when you are choosing a music, make sure that you are not using something loud, but only use soft instrumental music like Jazz. Turn the volume down to minimum so it won’t sound too disturbing. Apart from these, you should light up some scented candles to make sure that the room smells right and good. All these things makes the entire room erotic and it helps in setting the mood right.
  • Tools you need to use – First of all you need really good quality oils that you can use on your clients. There are various kinds of good oils available in market, like rosewood oil, sandal wood oil etc. These oils are perfectly slippery and it is damn good for the skin too. You can use these oils to make your client’s body damn slippery to make sure that body-to-body massage is doable. After that you need a nice and long towel to ensure that none of the oil slips down to the bed, because nobody wants to see messier massage. So always roll the towel on top of the bed before you bring in the client.
  • Technique used – If you are new to this, then take some oil on your hand and start with lower back massaging. Try to find out tense muscles that seems to be there. Rub it with your fingers and thumb till it softens up a bit. These tense muscles are due to stress and massaging it will make your client feel really amazing. Then slowly work your way towards more intimate regions where pleasure senses are located and make sure to start slowly. After enough tension is built up, you can increase the speed of strokes to make sure that your client reaches the peak of pleasure just before meeting the happy ending.

Apart from aforementioned points, one should understand that erotic massage is not all about pleasuring but its more about making a man feel relaxed and improve his health. There are lots of health benefits of erotic massage, and pleasure is a just a part that comes along with massaging. You should know that this art form started hundreds of years ago in China and India, and since then it had moved to other western parts, and if you learn it properly then clients are going to fall in love with your techniques.