What Is The Risk Of Erotic Massage?

The erotic massage maybe used when someone wants to improve intimacy during the relationship. The erotic massage is capable of the sexual arousal; however, when it is done in the right way; it will offer the benefits that are found with the regular massage like improved blood flow, stress relief and muscle relaxation. You should keep in mind that this procedure should be done between adults’ couples who have concerted to it and it is not common with a professional massage therapist. Professional massage therapist uses certified therapeutic techniques and not the sensual ones. Before you get this type of massage, you have to understand some of the health risks that will come with it.

1. Contagious disease

Among first health risk of the sensual massage is contagious diseases. When the partner or the therapist suffers skin condition like fungal infection, hand, foot with mouth disease, scabies and ringworm, it may be spread to the other person. When the erotic massage leads to sexual, vaginal and oral intercourse, the two people involved will be exposed to hepatitis, HIV or AIDs and herpes.

2. Inflammatory condition

A sensual massage to a person who suffers some problems like arthritis, inflammatory condition and bursitis, it can make such condition to become worse. However, a therapeutic massage can be done to ease the condition but not a sensual one. The therapist should also be done by a therapist who has been certified

3. Varicose veins

The vein is another condition which a person who is suffering from it should not get an erotic massage. The varicose veins are bulging and large veins that appear on the skin and they show the malfunctions of the valves found inside the veins. Using a direct massage can lead to more damage and it will be painful to the person who is getting the massage.

4. Blood clots

When a person has a history of the blood clots and it had happened on the area that was treated, it is good to avoid an erotic session with that person. Massaging the person who is suffering blood clotting, it can dislodge the clot. The dislodged clot will travel to reach smaller blood vessels of the brain or the heart, and it may cause to stroke or to heart attack.

5. Massage oils

Using of massage oil with erotic massage, it may cause to some health issue and this will depend on the sensitivity of the partner, the type of the massage oils which may lead to allergic reaction or irritation on the skin. Some oils should not be used on sensitive issues like genital places.

If you got the massage but the attendant was dressed, you will not be at risk of getting HIV even if she may have touched you in your private parts. Erotic massage cannot pose any risk if there had been no exchange of the bodily fluids. By touching the penis or gluteal region, it will not pose any risk. There is also no need to worry about the transmission from a towel or hands since HIV virus cannot survive outside of a human body for long.